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About Us


​To organise your event or production many things are needed, not just light and sound equipment. Think about Special effects, stages or a complete back-stage area. Every Production is tailor-made. Every artist or act has special wishes, your event might have a specific theme or goal! You decide what the experience should be and we come up with additional suggestions or solutions. Together we make it happen!


QuinQ Entertainment exclusively takes care of the schedule of a great group of (International) Artists, Bands and Acts. Next to arranging the bookings of these Artists QuinQ also arranges the bookings of all non-exclusive Artists, and does this with its colleagues with a similar exclusivity position. Whether it's about a complete line-up or a single booking, everything will be arranged and managed till after the event. In QuinQ Entertainment you'll find a partner with over 20 years of experience and a great international network, where you can arrange all known acts but also get information about upcoming acts and trends.

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